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Paging Dr Paprika

It's hot out and the innanets said the cookouts have been lukewarm

Interacial Ice Cream

How far is too far when it comes to love?

A Safe Space For Men

By gender norms, men are considered protectors... but should they be allowed the same feeling of being safe?

200 On The Dash

Guess What!? Your Favorite Podcasts' Favorite Podcast JUST TURNED 200! (episodes)

The Ultimatum

There's a huge difference between setting boundaries vs. needing an ultimatum!

OMG What Happened To Meezy!?

Sir! Siiiir!?? What is this man up to?

We're In a New Space

This week we discuss how to be you and code switch at the same damn time.

The Willard Smith Protection Plan

Let's cut straight to it. Should Willard "Will" Smith be punished for laying the SMACKDOWN on Chris Rock?

How Co-Parenting Gets Your Groove Back

Tired of the same old routine? Feeling like you need more in your life than just work, kids, and home-cooked meals?

B!tch Better Have Some Money

Are you the rich friend or the broke friend?

Apologies Never Said

Why do some parents act like children sometimes!?

Financially Fvcked

It's never too late to Unfvck yourself (financially speaking).

Unlocking Your Jeen-Yuhs

There are a lot of people who have the idea that they're not good enough.

C00chie On The Blockchain

Looking for some post-Valentine's Day tips?

Black Parade

Black History Month is a time to celebrate being black, buying black, and living in Black Joy.

Would You Rather?

Can you guess which one Meezy Rezz and E.A. chose?

Pushin' P(urpose): How To Become A Gunna For Your Why

Life is full of surprises, like prepping for this episode and a heated discussion turned into this week's topic.

I Had a Dream(s) and Nightmares

Rezz had a dream the other night, and she woke up so angry. After years of doodling in notebooks, meaninglessly scrolling through social media posts, and making half-h...

Heavy Heart

Breakups are hard and can be difficult if it's with your Significant other, but what if it's with your Ride or Die! We Talking BFF's Yall!

At Your Big Age

Happy New Year! We're back and this week we are breaking down our experiences at each age from 18 to 30.

Creating YOUR Legacy

This week's discussion got heated as Rezz and Meezy talked about their legacy and how the podcast helped create a legacy for them.

Throuple Or Trouble

What would you do if your ex got with a friend after your breakup?

“Prepare The Others”

Sometimes You Gotta Just Call Outta Work.

“Here Comes The Therapist” w/ @TheRealJamilaAshlee

This Week On TA we brought a friend of the show to get us in line.

New Holiday Traditions Guide

It’s that season, we goin’ home to eat turkeys for good reasons!!! It’s clearly the HOLIDAY season, can’t you hear Mariah Carey’s sleigh bells ringing? This week we ar...

Knock! Knock! S.A.D. Is That You?

This week on the text thread we get into Summer Walker breaking records, what Cardi B and Halle want to do each other, and much more. We also explore S.A.D (seasonal a...

Rojo Table Talk

We know we said we’d be back in 2-wks… funny how that turned into a month right? Anyway, WE BACK THO!

I Am, Who They Say I Am

This week we are unpacking people's perceptions of us and how they match up with reality. Tune in and let us know how people's opinions/judgment line up to who you...

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