A Black Lady's Pod Show

There seems to be some confusion out there with people minding their own business. Instead of focusing on the business that pays, some of you would rather focus on things that have nothing to do with you! This week Meezy is on vacation, and his sister @_lexurious joined us to discuss the terms of black women's business and explaining why it has nothing to do with you if you are not BLACK and a WOMAN. Press play and remember to protect a black woman and send a black woman some money. WMEZ's Song of the week- "Beating Down Yo Block " by Monaleo Follow us on IG @Textuallyactivepod @GetYouARezz @Meezyblvd @_lexurious @opinmedia.agency Follow us on Twitter @textuallyactpod @GetYouARezz @Meezyblvd @_lexurious Watch the full episode on our YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TextuallyActive

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